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The Heartbleed Bug

Brian, our security guru, immediately confirmed that Marine Parts Express was protected from this bug and that our systems were and are secure.

Below is an article published in “Fermilab Today” written by Irwin Gaines that is one of the best and most comprehensible explanation on how Heartbleed worked. Continue reading

Things I Found While Looking For Something Else – Part V

by J.D. Neeson, President

attacktardThere was a snippet in “The Week” talking about China’s recently announced plan to move 100 million more farmers into the cities over the next six years. Not only is this a massive number of people to move in only six years (one-third of the U.S. population), but there are questions on whether the cities have the infrastructure to accept these farmers turned city dwellers and if the government can invest heavily and quickly enough to reduce the disruption. At present there are already approximately 100 million former farmers that have moved to the cities, but under China’s citizen registration rules, these rural transplants are not officially recognized as being there in the first place so they are unable to access city services, such as health care, education, or housing. It is unclear how the rules are going to be changed to allow recognition of the first wave of illegal former farmers, and how to handle the second wave of government sponsored rural folks. Continue reading

Repairing Volvo Penta EDC Display Panels

by J.D. Neeson, President

Volvo Penta EDC Display

Volvo Penta EDC Display

Volvo Penta no longer supplies the EDC display panel that many people still use on their diesel engines. It was sold under a variety of different part numbers with the most recent number being 881674. We have looked everywhere for these and no one seems to have them. Volvo Penta does not offer any solution to this other than to replace the display with individual gauges. Heinz at French Creek Marina is now offering to repair these displays. The price of the repair depends on the condition and there are some displays that cannot be repaired.

If you would like to send us your old displays, we can forward them off to Heinz and see if they are repairable. Continue reading

Do I Repair or Replace a Damaged Composite Skeg?

By Tad Stetson, Service Technician

Skeg RepairDIY Tips That May Help You To Decide

Inspection: While this may sound like a self-explanatory step, with only a few minutes of checking over the lower unit for small cracks with a sharp pick or knife, you could save hours of work performed in vain. It is also important because water intrusion into the housing will most likely result in a failed repair.

How bad is it?
Is the skeg broken off clean? Is it cracked or chipped? Whether or not the drive needs to be replaced all together depends on what else took the impact. If the props and shafts took a shot, maybe this isn’t the place to begin. These drives have an aluminum internal housing that keeps internal parts aligned, with a composite “clam shell” housing affixed around it in some secret Volvo fashion. A tear-away seam is designed into the bottom of the drive just below the lower pod. I haven’t seen many that split further up the housing when just the skeg was hit. Continue reading

A Real Maine Hunting Camp

By Brodie MacDearmid, Sales Representative and Registered Maine Guide, Hunting & Fishing

brodie4The sights and smells of a 100-year-old Maine hunting camp are as equally unpleasant as they are welcoming to hunters. Decades worth of hunting stories resonate through the walls. Tales of a hunter’s pursuit of a wary buck, the journey of finding one’s way back to camp in the middle of the night without a flashlight after getting lost, and the debate over a favorite camp meal resonate throughout the walls of deer camps throughout Maine’s north woods. It takes years of chewing tobacco, Captain Black pipe tobacco, Jim Beam whiskey, Budweiser, Marlboro reds, unwashed hunting clothes, dead mice, grease stains, burnt coffee, dirty laundry, hunting scents and lures, and countless smoky fires in the wood stove to create the smell of deer camp—a distinctive smell that every sportsman enjoys. Continue reading

Calving Season

by Stacy Lash, Accounting & Social Media

ram6It’s Springtime! Or at least as close as we may ever get. Winter seems to be lingering on as though time itself has paused. I’m not sure about you, but I’m sick of winter. My body craves warmth and fresh air and the eruption of life that is bound to come any day now. I can see the signs. The ground is softening, leaving potholes in the roads and turning  driveways into mud pits. The snow is receding and is almost gone. A few more days or a little more rain and the ground will be clear. My father says that the snow is what keeps it cold. That once it melts off the sun’s rays can penetrate and banish the frost in the ground. I’m not entirely sure if he’s right. It seems like regardless of snow cover, it tends to warm up in April. I’m thinking that this year, it’ll be more like May. Continue reading

The Evil Credit Card Empires or How a Class Action Suit Has No Class

Credit Card Stackby JD Neeson, President

Visa-MasterCard recently settled a class action suit resolving claims by merchants that the credit card companies colluded in setting excessive fees. The general consensus is that the credit card companies got away with murder. The total settlement is around eight billion which is a tiny slice of the total pie. What mitigated this feeling a bit was a wide spread belief that the arrangement would allow merchants to apply a surcharge to customers who use Visa and MasterCard credit cards although the deal specifically excluded any surcharges on Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

Continue reading

Things I Found While Looking For Something Else – Part IV

By J.D. Neeson, President

North-South Axis DefacationRecently, I read an article that claimed German scientists had definitely proved that dogs align themselves along the North-South axis while defecating. Now, I didn’t realize there was contention on this issue, or that the University of Duisburg-Essen was willing to fund the study for two years (I would love to see the initial proposal and I bet a bunch of doctorial candidates cursed their careers paths). They monitored 1,893 major events and an amazing 5,582 liquid events over 70 dogs (37 breeds) and adjusted for magnetic field variations and the resulting analysis “revealed a highly significant and predictable effect,” said researcher Sabine Begall. Continue reading

On Cider-Making


by Stacy Lash, Accountant

I have to confess, I’m not a drinker. On perhaps two or three occasions a year, I might enjoy a sip or two of whatever alcoholic beverage my husband, friends, or family guilt down my throat. Other than that, I’m perfectly happy chugging down a Coke Zero or even a hot cup of coffee. Mostly it’s a result of being a complete and total lightweight. A mouthful of beer warms me up, two makes me tingly. Three will often be the tipping point where I either end up singing myself into a drooling sleep, or develop a hangover well before the bottom of the bottle is reached. My husband believes it’s a wonderful, cost-effective advantage of being married to me. I just think that my lack of alcoholic tolerance has spared me many an embarrassing moment in life. At least once I learned my limits. Continue reading

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